• Screenshot Skype


    ... of the famous and revolutionary Skype? Whether you know it or ... attractive and promising thing about Skype (especially considering that this is ...

  • Screenshot Skype


    ... want to contact are, with Skype you can make video calls ... . As it has been evolving, Skype has incorporated technical improvements which ...

  • Screenshot Skype Answering Machine

    Skype Answering Machine

    ... get the best quality.
    Skype Answering Machine starts working when ... a simple WAV file.
    Skype Answering Machine records the messages ...

  • Screenshot Skype Portable

    Skype Portable

    ... at very affordable rates with Skype. The audio and video quality ... with Skype are excellent, not to mention ...

  • Screenshot Skype Email Toolbar

    Skype Email Toolbar

    ... .
    As the name indicates, Skype Email Toolbar lets you make ... in agendas or complex databases. Skype Email Toolbar links directly to ...

  • Screenshot Skype Office Toolbar

    Skype Office Toolbar

    ... free toolbar for the popular Skype phone messaging program that links ... practice, this means that with Skype Office Toolbar installed, while working ...

  • Screenshot Messenger Plus! for Skype

    Messenger Plus! for Skype

    ... Messenger Plus! for Skype. Messenger Plus! for Skype fits the Skype toolbar, where ... , Messenger Plus! for Skype connects to your Skype account to Messenger, because ...

  • Screenshot IMCapture for Skype

    IMCapture for Skype

    ... specifically to work with the Skype IP telephony program. With it ... this program.
    IMCapture for Skype lets you record the audio ...

  • Screenshot Look2Skype


    ... of your contacts in your Skype program.
    To make the ... can insert the name into Skype. With Look2Skype all Outlook and ...

  • Screenshot Speed Connect

    Speed Connect

    ... terms of on-line gaming and Skype connections. By changing the System ...

  • Screenshot Phone Dialer Pro

    Phone Dialer Pro

    ... in logs - use the Skype dialier too - it can ...

  • Screenshot AV Webcam Morpher

    AV Webcam Morpher

    ... programs such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Camfrog, Windows Live Messenger, and ...

  • Screenshot DoNaut


    ... popular voice messaging systems, like Skype, Google Talk or MSN Messenger ...

  • Screenshot vEmotion


    ... any of the known clients: Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AOL ...

  • Screenshot CallTTY


    ... with Internet telephone programs like Skype.

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