Microsoft adpcm format 2

  • Screenshot Girdac PDF to Word Converter

    Girdac PDF to Word Converter

    ... converting PDF documents to Microsoft Word format and RTF formats. In addition you ... for extraction (images, plain text, formatted text, continuous, flowing and exact ...

  • Screenshot VXCopy


    ... in TXT, HTML or RTF (Microsoft Word) formats.

  • Screenshot Mini PDF to Word Converter

    Mini PDF to Word Converter

    ... in PDF document format (RTF), to one compatible with Microsoft Office office ... , either Adobe Acrobat or any Microsoft Office suite. Mini PDF to ...

  • Screenshot Ashampoo Office

    Ashampoo Office

    ... tools for word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and to create ... ), and its universally accepted formats, but Microsoft Office also has a fairly ...

  • Screenshot File Format Converters

    File Format Converters

    ... have File Format Converters, a Microsoft pack to convert the formats of these ... the formats from Microsfot Office 2007. File Format Converters also supports Microsoft Office ...

  • Screenshot HDD Low Level Format Tool

    HDD Low Level Format Tool

    ... of your PC. By low-level formatting, it means your hardware components ... be recovered after formatting with this tool. A formatting can return to ...

  • Screenshot Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    ... / server, console utilities, etc. Basically, Microsoft. NET Framework is a set ... it never hurts to have Microsoft. NET Framework installed in your ...

  • Screenshot Microsoft Virtual PC

    Microsoft Virtual PC

    ... having to reboot the PC. Microsoft Virtual PC creates virtual machines ... install a different operating system. Microsoft Virtual PC is the solution ...

  • Screenshot Microsoft Power Point 2007 Viewer

    Microsoft Power Point 2007 Viewer

    Microsoft Power Point 2007 Viewer is ... edit or modify them. With Microsoft Power Point 2007 Viewer you ...

  • Screenshot File Audio Processor

    File Audio Processor

    ... audio formats: mp3, mp2, wma, wav, pcm, compressed wav (gsm, adpcm, dsp ... alf and others), vox (Dialogic adpcm), raw, g726, g73, g721 and ...

  • Screenshot AudioConvert


    ... of audio file. It offers format conversions, MP3 and WMA coding ... formats: WAV, MP3, WMA, WMA8, GSM, G.726, RAW, VOX, ACM, ADPCM ...

  • Screenshot Format Factory

    Format Factory

    ... your favourite songs to another format? Maybe convert photos from your ... . Undoubtedly, the term "multifunction" with Format Factory reaches its full meaning.

  • Screenshot Data Recovery NTFS Formatted

    Data Recovery NTFS Formatted

    ... ! And with Data Recovery NTFS Formatted you can recover all subdirectories ... directory. Download Data Recovery NTFS Formatted for free and reuse all ...

  • Screenshot Magic Formation

    Magic Formation

    ... desktop. Just download Magic Formation. With Magic Formation you can create colourful ... element to your liking, Magic Formation is equipped with a complete ...

  • Screenshot Microsoft Windows Defender

    Microsoft Windows Defender

    ... installing itself in your PC. Microsoft themselves have launched this free ... Windows from this lamentable practice. Microsoft Windows Defender is an excellent ...

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